Staying Put Agreement

Part of the decision to have friends or a friend depends on how your tutor knows them and who else lives in your home from staying put. The young person needs a licensing agreement from the facilitators, which specifies the nature of the licensing agreement and the breakdown of costs. This is used by the Housing Allowance Department to maximize housing benefit for young people. In addition, a staying put agreement is reached, which sets out the expectations of caregivers and young people. This will be developed with the support of young people. The DfE has updated its adult transition planning instructions for dependents to include a reference to “Staying Put” in Chapter 7. This will help local authorities and nurses plan how they can establish rules of residence. It also covers important areas such as help that nurses may need, as well as advice and advice that local authorities should provide to young people. The fostering network has been closely associated with the content of content development. The municipality will explain to the young person their full rights, including how they grant the young person a grant for leave after the transition from a “residence centre” and an independent life. For more information about the stay, members of the Fostering Network can contact the practical advisor in their area.

DfE endowments to each municipality to support maintenance until 2019 are available online. The new inspection frameworks have strengthened Ofsted`s obligation to take into account the services provided to young people who have left care. This means that stop action should be a priority for inspections. The municipality will discuss with the former caregiver whether they need specific training and advice to help the young person. The type of assistance a former caregiver must provide under a “staying put” plan is probably different from the type he or she provides for the care of the young person. The types of training and assistance they feel are necessary, especially to help young people develop their independent life skills, should be studied with the former healthcare professional. Whether it is a former care service or an independent care service, careful consideration should be given to continuing assistance, which could include peer assistance. Local authorities have an obligation to make assistance known to young adults and former nurses in the care of nurses, so that nurses can decide whether or not they can offer it. The aid network has developed guidelines to create a good practice framework to help all parties implement the stay.